Maginoo pero medyo bastos

Procopio’s Got Talent – Chapter 3 – Procopio’s Love


Water splatters as a young grade school boy steps on a small pool of water on the side of the road as he hastily run on a drizzling afternoon. He hurriedly zigzags his way into a busy street as he firmly holds his black leather bag over his head. A few minutes later, he passes by an old rusty gate with a small opening enough for him to squeeze in. Inside the lot is an old tiny dwelling enshrouded with tall centenarian trees and leafy shrubs.




The same piano key is repeatedly hit in three consecutive successions as the boy slowly walks towards the side of the house cautious not to be noticed by anyone. At his pace, the deafening silence is broken only by the drizzle spattering on the roof and piano key reverberating around the house. A light squeak is heard as the boy inches his way towards a shadowy glass window.

From the boy’s vantage point, he sees inside the house the backs of another grade school boy and a grade school girl the same age as he is seated on small chairs by the side of a large majestic old black piano. Hitting the same piano key repeatedly in three consecutive successions is an old woman in her sixties wearing a large pair of spectacles. The boy breathes deeply and then makes a strange howling sound unexpectedly;


The old woman stops immediately and then gently exclaims;

“Get inside, Procopio.”

Procopio walks slowly inside the house towards the side of the piano and sees the two other children sticking their tongue out to him. He returns by making an unusually peculiar face as he sits on the empty chair beside the grade school girl.

“May I know why you are late?” asks the old woman to Procopio.

While Procopio earnestly finds a witty answer to say, the girl seated on his left quickly outcries;

“Because he’s on the (school) terrace spitting on the people walking (below).”

The old woman is surprised to hear the girl’s answer.

“Shut up,” says the Procopio to the girl while he raises his right fist.

The old woman asks Procopio again;

“Why were you doing that? Don’t you know it’s bad to spit on people?”

Procopio guiltily answers back;

“It wasn’t me! It was the rain!”

The other grade school boy bursts into laughter hearing Procopio’s funny answer.

The old woman spends the next two hours teaching the three children advanced lessons on music using her old piano. There are a lot of moments when everyone would break into laughter because of Procopio’s funny antics and playful remarks. It surely is a fun afternoon for them.

Procopio hails from a middle class family living in one of the major cities in the metro. As his parents are musically-inclined, it is mandatory for him and his two little sisters to be enrolled in musical classes as an extracurricular activity. He has spent his free time during grade school learning how to read musical compositions and as well as how to play the piano. In high school, he learns playing the guitar under the guidance of his high school music teacher and from his close friends in the Glee club. In college, he develops his love for music by learning how to use the turntable and various musical computer softwares.


Mag-iwan ng Tugon

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