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Did you know that?

Minute quantities of over 30 different substances have been identified in human semen.

These include nitrogen, fructose, lactic acid, ascorbic acid, inositol, cholesterol, glutathione, creatine, pyruvic acid, citric acid, sorbitol, urea, uric acid and Vitamin B12, along with various salts and enzymes.



Procopio’s Got Talent – Chapter 7 – Philippines’ Got Talent

“Shot to the heart

And you’re to blame,

You give love…

A bad name!”

Jon Bon Jovi’s heart-pumping song packs Procopio’s room as he oddly dances in the showers while holding a shampoo bottle like a microphone. He mimics the wild gestures of a rock star on stage but fails miserably. He slips and almost hits his face hard on the white tiled wall.

“Why don’t you join Philippines’ Got Talent?”

“You should totally join Philippines’ Got Talent!”

“Yeah! Join PGT!”


The three letter shortcut of a well-known local television talent search show echoes inside Procopio’s head as the lukewarm water from the showerhead tenderly drizzles on the top of his head.

After their group’s remarkable performance at the office’s Christmas party, the crowd has only one thing to say. All their coworkers want to see Procopio’s group on TV.

Procopio dismisses the idea of the group joining such a nationwide contest. He is quite a reserved person and does not fancy popularity. He deems the idea as absurd and unrealistic.

After putting his boxers on, Procopio fixes a bowl of milk and cereals. As he lay the box of cereals down on his kitchen table, he notices a half-page advertisement of Philippines’ Got Talent on the broadsheet. He gives a big smirk, immediately sits on his grubby couch and turns the TV on. With his eyes widely opened, he puts on an overflowing spoonful of cereals in his mouth.

“Philippines’ Got Talent is now holding auditions at the following venues!”

The loud announcement flashes on the TV screen and greets him with a bang.

Procopio instantly throws the entire cereals in his mouth back into his bowl. He hurriedly snatches the remote and changes the channel. He finds a funny kiddie cartoon show and settles down with it. He stares at the TV, without even blinking, like a small boy. And after a few laughs, he proceeds to eat his bowl of grimy cereals.

“Yuuuck!” says Tin deafeningly.

She has been chatting online with Sands for about two hours now while lying on her belly on top of her pink bed. The two girls have been ecstatically chattering about their fantastic performance last week. Over the last several minutes, they have been disputing about what song to present should they join the PGT auditions two weeks from now. Tin types another song in response to Sands earlier suggestion.

i dont wanna miss a thing

The song title flashes on Sands 18-inch computer screen right away.

Sands’ long, slender, smooth and slightly tanned legs shine as she puts a deep red nail polish on her right toe nail. She is sitting on a wooden chair, with her right foot raised on it, revealing black laced panties below a presumably braless white college shirt. She notices the message on her computer screen and thinks hardly of a new song. She types using only her left hand and presses the Enter key.

brng m 2 lyf

Upon seeing Sands’ new song on the screen, Tin searches for another song on her laptop’s music library. She finds a popular song and sends it to Sands right away.

Sands quickly glances on Tin’s message and naively replies,



After pretending to do some amount of work during the entire day, Procopio finally feels tired browsing his friends’ wall on Facebook. He senses a slight rumbling in his stomach and decides to quietly sneak into Tin’s cubicle. He sees a small pile of chocolate crinkles lying on Tin’s desk. Luckily, Tin has her headphones on so Procopio thinks it’s worth stealing some grub. Procopio walks carefully towards the crinkles and manages to get a piece. He immediately puts it inside his mouth and goes again for another piece.

“Hey!” shouts Tin.

Procopio is caught dumbfounded and with a crinkle in his mouth, the abrupt surprise renders him speechless.

“What do you think of this song?” asks Tin as she removes her headphones and puts them onto Procopio’s head.

Procopio savors the sweetness of the crinkle in his mouth while looking steadily at the pile of crinkles on the table. He finds it hard to pay attention to the song playing on his ears with such sweet delicacies a few feet in front of him.

“Nice,” says Procopio after finally swallowing the gooey mixture of chocolate and saliva in his mouth. He returns the headphones to Tin and goes to grab two pieces of crinkles.

Tin thinks that Procopio is referring to the song but Procopio is really complementing the chocolate crinkles.

“So this is gonna be our audition song then,” happily says Tin.

“Audition your ass,” says Procopio as he leaves Tin to search for something to drink.


That night, Procopio is having a hard time sleeping again. He searches within him the possible reason for his restlessness. He thinks hard for something he might have forgotten to do during the day. He concentrates as hard as he can. His face is progressively turning red. A few drops of sweat are already slowly forming on his forehead. Suddenly, he remembers the chocolate crinkles he ate in the afternoon. It quickly puts a smile on his face.

“Audition your ass.”

Procopio recollects the last words he said to Tin that day. He then remembers the look upon Tin’s face after hearing those words. A feeling of guilt hits Procopio from the inside. He realizes it was his first time ever seeing joy leaving Tin’s face. Her usually jubilant eyes, plump cheeks and blissful lips are now covered with dreadful anxiety and disappointment. Procopio normally sees that kind of look only during funerals but never upon Tin’s chubby face. He decides to apologize to Tin the next day.


Early the next morning, Tin enters her cubicle and sees a bar of chocolate lying on her keyboard. It gradually puts a smile on her face not because of the bar of chocolate but because of the message written on the Post-It note placed on top of it.

“Perfect AUDITION song. – Choco ”

Gaano Ko Ikaw Kamahal by Itchyworms


Ang pag-ibig ko sa ‘yo ay tunay
Nais ko sanang patunayan
Huwag ka nang mag-alinlangan
Ang pag-ibig ko’y hindi kukupas
Tulad din ng umaga
May pag-asang sumisikat

Ang ating buhay
Maikli aking hirang
Kung kaya’t kailangan ng pagsuyong wagas

Ang sumpa ko sa iyo’y asahan
Ikaw lamang ang aking iibigin


Kuya Kowt’s Love Quotes

Love is the word used to label the sexual excitement of the young, the habituation of the middle-aged, and the mutual dependence of the old. ”

John Ciardi