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Procopio’s Got Talent – Chapter 6 – Christmas in Our Hearts


The large glimmering gold letters adorn the red wall behind the slightly elevated stage in the office floor’s lobby. The entire place is filled with laughter, non-stop chatting and the opulent smell of a sumptuous Christmas feast.

At the side of the stage, a short guy wearing a silly red scarf on top of a casual suit is busy talking to a fat girl wearing an over-the-top shiny red and gold dress. Each of them is holding a set of cue cards which tells us that they are most likely the host of this event.

Not far from the two is a group of girls busily exchanging jeers and teases paired with occasional bursts of deafening laughs. It is surprising to see these typical office girls scantily clad on a regular Friday afternoon.

In one corner of the lobby near the girls, a group of guys with wide taunting smile across their faces are pretty much occupied whispering indecent things to each other. They would swiftly glance at the girls and then whisper nasty things afterwards. The scantily clad girls have no clue that they are the subject of this covetousness.

There are about two hundred people in the lobby but one of them stands out the most. In the middle of the group of supervisors, Procopio’s heavily drunk lady supervisor is doing different stupid things on herself. She would repeatedly drink one shot of tequila, then suddenly fake a fall and then eventually land on the lap of her long time crush, a heavily-built male supervisor – who is already married by the way. The other supervisors find it funny and would constantly cheer them to kiss.

At the buffet table, Procopio is currently engaged in cold cuts and cheeses gastronomic escapade when Tin unexpectedly approaches him;

“Do I look fat?” asks Tin while displaying her green and maroon Christmas-inspired dress.

“Huffppt!” Procopio almost throws the entire mouthful of sausages in his mouth as he barely contains himself bursting into wild frenzy over Tin’s question.

“That’s fine girl but this one’s hot!” says Sands who abruptly appears behind Tin clothed in a very tight scorching red hot jumper.

Procopio swallows everything in his mouth at the sight of the alluring Sands and then leaves his drooling mouth open.

“Aren’t we supposed to be at the backstage right now?” asks Borg who has just arrived at the scene.

“Yeah, we should,” answers Tin with twinkling eyes and a huge smile on her face seeing Borg.

Sands and Tin nonetheless stay at the buffet table throwing themselves at Borg while Procopio keeps on munching the cold cuts and cheeses.

“Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen!” exclaims the male host prompting the opening of the afternoon program.

The four continues what they have been doing unmindful of the program.

A few moments after, the office manager gives his welcome remarks.

“Good… year… thanks… Christmas… to us…” are the only words that the four hears as they do not pay attention to what is happening.

After the office manager delivers his speech, the hosts introduce the dance group which proceeds to exhibit a very boring evolution of dance routine. This prompts the four to go at the backstage and prepare for their feat. Procopio, Borg, Tin and Sands narrowly escape a harrowing experience of witnessing a horrible dance catastrophe.

At last, the hosts introduce Procopio’s group. All the girls scream frantically upon seeing the princely Borg carrying an acoustic guitar. In contrast, the boys shut their mouths up upon seeing the erotic Sands. As if nobody notices Procopio and Tin as they take their positions on the slightly elevated stage. The four sets up in a fairly straight row with the two boys taking the outmost sides and the two girls standing in the middle. Procopio sits on his beat box on the left side while Borg sits on the right with his acoustic guitar. Tin and Sands contemplate as they prepare to sing.

Now the whole audience is holding their cell phones up recording the group’s entire performance.

Borg starts the song by gently plucking his guitar.

“Chestnuts roasting on an open fire…”

Sands starts to sing in her melodramatic voice.

“Jack Frost nipping at your nose…”

The crowd feels the depth of Sands’ emotion.

“Yuletide carols being sung by a choir…”

Sands gently hits the high note.

“And folks dressed up like Eskimos…”

The crowd gets hooked up.

“Everybody knows a turkey and some mistletoe…”

Tin starts to sing her part like a professional singer.

“Will help to make the season bright…”

The crowd gets amazed at Tin’s outstanding voice.

“Tiny tots with their eyes all aglow…”

Tin hits the high note with ease.

“Will find it hard to sleep tonight…”

The crowd is slowly inching towards the stage.

“Do they know that Santa’s on his way?”

Tin and Sands blend together while Procopio starts to give beats to the song.

“He’s loaded lots of toys and goodies on his sleigh…”

The crowd is having goose bumps hearing the four’s musical excellence.

“And every mother’s child is gonna spy…”

The four collaborates on the song impressively.

“To see if reindeers really know how to fly…”

The crowd is amazed as the two girls hit the high note perfectly.

“And so I’m offering a simple phrase…”

Tin and Sands throw a look at each other recognizing the crowd’s appreciation.

“To kids from one to ninety-two…”

The crowd is left speechless in awe.

“Though it’s been said many times, many ways…”

Procopio and Borg stops playing the beats and rhythm on cue.

“Merry Christmas to you…”

Tin and Sands deliver a great finale to the crowd’s delight.

The crowd could not contain themselves anymore and throws a loud clapping and cheering.

Amidst the raucous clamor, Procopio’s group proceeds to the song’s chorus again.

“Do they know that Santa’s on his way?
He’s loaded lots of toys and goodies on his sleigh.
And every mother’s child is gonna spy
To see if reindeers really know how to fly.”

Some of the crowd is starting to sing together with the group but they would softly stop upon reaching the high notes.

“And so I’m offering a simple phrase
To kids from one to ninety-two.
Though it’s been said many times, many ways,
Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

To you.”

Procopio, Borg, Tin and Sands end the song and the crowd goes wild.