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Procopio’s Got Talent – Chapter 2 – Borg’s First Day

A slight tap on his shoulder brings the Valiant Cowboy directly into the reality of his mundane world. A number of colorful fishes in various shapes and sizes gently swim across his computer screen while he stares obscurely like a dumb robot.

“Hey Choco! Have you heard the latest?” says a chubby girl standing behind him.

The young man sitting on his chair swivels around and sees an agitated girl fronting a huge smile on her blushing plump face.

“Are you wearing make-up?” says the young man frantically.

The agitated chubby girl reaches the young man’s left arm in a swift and then pinches it hard.

“What the hell?!” cries the young man grimacing in pain. He rigorously examines his left arm for any cuts and bruises while he gently caresses it.

The agitated chubby girl makes a complete turn showing off her light pink dress filled with small red polka dots. The dress is adorned by a huge red ribbon above the waist area and matched by an impressive pair of white shoes. The whole outfit beautifully fits the chubby girl who is in her early twenties. She has a dark brown hair with alternating light brown highlights cut slightly above her shoulder which is obviously fresh from blow-drying. She has a pair of prominent dark rounded eyes and surprisingly even darker curled eyelashes. Her arching pointed nose sits between her two reddish plump cheeks. Her full lips emblazoned in red lipstick are now too shiny to bounce back the office ceiling lights. She stands tall enough not to look too fat although her blubber arms are still quite an issue. The huge red ribbon she is wearing today is an apparent tactic to somewhat conceal the fats in her belly. Her chest carries an enormous pair of succulent babies – if you know what I mean.

“Hey Tin girl!” yells a fast oncoming girl.

The young man is surprised to see Catwoman in person. He then looks upward at magnanimous three-dimensional bold letters floating above the two girls saying;


Standing side by side with the agitated chubby girl, Catwoman is clearly the hands-down choice. Basing on her height and figure alone feels like the young man is comparing a Miss Universe finalist to a The Biggest Loser contestant. She has a long straight shiny jet black hair which gently lies over the back of her small black leather jacket. Underneath her jacket is her black tank top that softly reveals her tempting cleavage. Her acid wash dark blue jeans showcase the slenderness of her long legs. The way she prances on her black stilettos make her even way hotter and sexier. Her little twinkling eyes and petite lips embellish her lightly-tanned face. As Catwoman is standing sideways facing the agitated chubby girl, the young man can’t help but notice her chiseled nose and distinctly high cheek bones.

“Today…He…Hot…Ready…Office…” are the only words that the young man understands as he entertains himself with lascivious thoughts while the two girls are talking to each other.

Clap! Clap! Clap!

Catwoman and the agitated chubby girl hurriedly go deeper into the young man’s cubicle and quickly ready themselves. As they do so, the agitated chubby girl accidentally steps on the young man’s right foot. Before he can cry out, the lady supervisor sharply appears from nowhere and starts speaking to the three;

“As we all know, today is the first day of our new team member. He will be taking care of the duties and responsibilities that we have already discussed previously in our last team meeting. Let us welcome him and make him feel comfortable in our team. Please say hi to Borg!”

A tall mulatto guy appears on the scene and flashes his timid smile paired with two deep dimples on his cheeks. The guy looks like a sports buff with his shortly cut hair and vauntingly muscular body. His striped long sleeved lavender shirt exhibits his broad shoulders and prominent chest. His deep dark eyes, pointed nose, full lips and strong jaws pretty rival his seemingly shy personality.

“Hi Borg!” says the two girls in unison.

“Gay!” says the young man to himself.

“This is Tin,” says the lady supervisor pointing to the agitated chubby girl. “She has been with the team for more than two years now. She handled the same duties and responsibilities that you will be handling now some time in the past.”

“If you have any questions, just let me know,” says Tin as she shakes Borg’s hand.

“This is Sands,” says the lady supervisor pointing to Catwoman. “She has been with us for about a year now, right?”

“Yes,” answers Sands as she shakes Borg’s hand.

“And that is Choco,” says the lady supervisor pointing to the young man.

Procopio emerges from his seat unmindful of the pain in his right foot, walks slowly towards Borg, looks at him straight in the eye and tauntingly tells him in a very deep voice;